A rare sight

Bloomin' Moss
These delicate gamete-like things are blooming from moss on a downed log in the Howe-Stein woods. The log is resting across the opening of an old cistern. I will post a close-up to show the microcosmic world that surrounded us in the woods.

One thought on “A rare sight

  1. Carol Howe

    I keep wondering if one could get stuck in the old cistern. The scene reminds me of a book by Dr.John Bland of Vermont, which I have been seeking: “Forests of Lilliput” I never met Dr. Bland, but knew his sister-in-law, Bunny Strickler of Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. (But enough of that causerie-type chat.) The photo, with the light glinting off the leaves, is remarkable and beautiful.

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