2 thoughts on “Recycle Center #2

  1. Carol Howe

    I enjoy this one. that reminded me:

    Years ago, out Vermont church building needed painting. The quotes for having it done by painters was too much.
    “We’ll do it ourselves!” said somebody. “Yeah!” came the unanimous reply.
    “But can we afford the paint?”
    They took up my suggestion: a “Give-a-gallon” project, and in a trice, the paint was acquired, and even painting supplies. It took a while (maybe 2 weeks) but everyone pitched in, from those who did the snicky around-the-windowpanes work to the big slathering part. And because it was a volunteer effort, some painted when they could – weird hours.
    But not in bright colors, only white from the same color batch.Donated paint can do amazing things!

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