5 thoughts on “Not potatoes

  1. Edzo thought they might be copperhead eggs, because he found some like these in the horse manure he got from the stable last year. I looked up snake eggs online, though, and read that it’s very hard to identify the snake from the eggs. They tend to look alike.

    We put them in the driveway and drove over them. Eugh again!

  2. Deborah Howe

    I rode behind Mrs. Potter on horseback one day when she went to go jumping (I didn’t jump with her; just rode to the jump field), and shortly after we arrived she called me over to a shallow spot in the field. It held a clutch of snakes eggs. I can’t remember if her horse had stepped on them, or if she broke them open with her fingernail, but the snakelets inside were yolky and not yet fully formed. Memorable image for a seven-year old.

  3. Bunny Day

    One more snake story. The other day I was on the front porch watering the containers there. I saw a big black cord and reached down to pick it up. It moved! A big black snake it was. Probably came up to get a toad or mouse. I actually appreciate the black snakes, but it startled me almost to death. I ran inside and Louie came out and squirted it with the hose. It moved — none too quickly — out into the yard and beyond.

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