Can anyone identify this?

Josh, the Pella window replacement guy, found this in one of the window sills upstairs. Does anyone have any idea who made this? Looks like a finely rolled cigar. It was one long piece when Josh found it.

7 thoughts on “Can anyone identify this?

  1. Deborah Howe

    Yow. No idea. Was there any kind of frass or web inside that roll? Leaf rollers of various types chew foliage and pupate inside the rolled-up leaves, but that usually happens on the plant itself. There’s a kind of ant that cuts up leaves and carries them back to the nest, I think, but this just looks mystifiying. Let us know what you find out!

    1. Phyllis

      That’s gotta be it! We have redbud trees and some alfalfa, I think. The author of the website mentioned that these efficient bees use those plants to make their larval tubes. Makes me want to get some bee hives. I also have lavender and I have tasted lavender honey. Another exciting project to think about. Thanks for that cool link, Kathy! You win! I’m not quite sure what you’ve won, but I’ll get back to ya. I’ve bookmarked that link for further reference.

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