4 thoughts on “Gnarly harvest

  1. Carol Howe

    That’s great! About the gnarly: you might want to ask a fruit tree expert about why the twisting. I got some pears from a friend near Rockland a while back (actually, climbed a ladder and picked them) and they, too, were tied up in knots. There must be a reason.
    Remember to pick pears green and let them ripen at room temp. indoors.

    How many pear trees do you have?

  2. Maruka the Great

    Our pear tree produces every two years. When it does, the pears tend to be black and spotty, but sometimes they’ve been fine and we’ve been able to get them before the squirrels do. Then we bring them in quite green and hard, and put them in a paper bag to ripen.

    Here’s how we eat them: bake them in some heavy cream, with a gentle sprinkling of sugar, until the puddle of cream in the pan is golden brown. Most. Delicious. Ever.

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