Coffee, Rhode Island

Dunkin Donuts coffee cup
Here I am in Pawtucket, RI. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts. “I’d like a small cup of coffee, regular, please.” The cashier stared at me for a minute, and then gestured to the bagged coffee. “No,” I said, “a cup.” She stared at me again, then picked up a cup from the stack and held it up. I nodded. In a heavy accent, Portuguese, I think, she asked how many. “One, please.” She picked up a to go lid with a questioning gesture. I nodded. She rang up $0.20 and pushed the empty cup across to me. I looked around. Maybe I was supposed to fill it myself. But twenty cents? “I want a cup of coffee,” I said. Another woman came over. “She wants a cup of coffee,” she told the other woman. “Cream and sugar?” I nodded. “Two dollars. “ Good thing I had exact change. I kinda wanted a donut, but I was exhausted.

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