watering the flowers

Greta storm shadow
Ignoring the approaching storm, Greta continued to water the flowers.

Block Island beach art

I'm ready for some summerthink. Here's some impromptu beach art from Block Island. This was one of the more elaborate and creative setups arranged with stuff washed up on the beach. (Note the stacks of rocks; there's a saying that if you can stack more rocks than your age, you'll have good luck.)

snow plow accident or bricklayer madness?

This is a common site around these parts in the winter. Snow plow drivers typically work (drive & plow) 20 hours straight when it snows, and they are no doubt tired. This one was all over the ground for a few days, then someone put it back together so they could receive their mail. At least a bricklayer will have something to do come springtime.

shadows & silhouettes

Most nights I arrange the items on the kitchen counter to see what sort of shadows I'll get in the morning. It's sort of a random process - things get moved around and whatever I was trying to do gets ruined, the sun isn't right, it's cloudy, etc. Rotate the picture in your mind ninety degrees clockwise and then ninety degrees counterclockwise, and hopefully you'll notice the profiles; sort of a pair of Easter Island portraits in silhouette.

shadows & paradise

I take a lot of pictures of the shadows in my house, and rarely get any keepers. This is the "view" through the blinds. You'd think there might be a tropical paradise on the other side, but in reality the windchill is about 15 degrees on that other side.