casserole dish, green wall behind, dish of red and green tomatoes.

Paul and Gail's countertop

human-size wooden soldier nutcracker

Many questions spring to mind. Why is it fake wood? Where do you put it during the Christmas season? Where do you store it the rest of the year? What is it for? Whose idea was it? What do the people in the Chinese factory think when they're filling the plastic molds to make these?

pecan pie on orange tablecloth

We had friends over for dinner last night. Carol brought this beautiful pie. It was delicious, too.

food for sale in the bedding section of Target

I learned the term 'category error' from my ex-sister-in-law. It refers to things that are in the wrong place, like shoes on the kitchen counter. What is this food doing in the bedding section of Target?

Dog in tall grass

Sadie thinks the tall grass is a gold mine of prey.

tall prairie grass

The grass in the field that we burned to dirt last spring is HUGE. In some cases the big bluestem is eight or nine feet high.

Shady road going up a hill

I love the road up from the river.