I recognize the bird tracks, but I can't find an image of the others. Is it a rabbit?

old recliner, paint cans, other stuff

Our friends D & D put the recliner out on the curb, hoping someone would take it. Nobody did, but their cat Mo basked in it. So now it's his.

bunched up throw rug in the sun

Rumpled throw rug

hands rolling throw rug back

Doreen lifts the rug

cat poking head out of throw rug

The big reveal

kitten, 2 people in the background

My friends M & C got a very attractive third cat, Basil (as in Basil Fawlty, not the herb). He was interested in the camera.

clutch of snake eggs

We found these snake eggs while harvesting potatoes. Eugh.

Cat on his back

Charlie belongs to Michael and Carol. He likes me. I'm flattered.

coyote in field in midday

See that dark spot in the field? Coyote at noon.

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