Bird nest #1

Bird nest 1
Another series begins.  Finding lots of bird nests around.  This one was in the forsythia door wreath.  The babies had fledged and flown away. The wreath came down, so the screen door from Home Depot could be assembled and installed.  My son and his wife are of the lego generation, so these kind of projects do not intimidate them.  They are also IKEA freaks!


Summer tanager-1
Thanks to the Baker Wetland ornithologists for identifying this early bird as a Summer tanager. It’s early for this bird to be scouting for nesting possibilities, but these hot and cold temperature swings are bringing new visitors.  Had to snap this through the window.  He was skittish when I tried to get close outside.  Thank you, Louis Copt for finally getting this image. The Baltimore orioles are here, too.  Time to put out the orange slices and mashed grapes.


Found this bird's nest in the grape arbor. Never did identify the birds who made it. After the babies hatched, a big black bird swooped into the arbor and destroyed them. Just killed them and left them to rot. While we were picking grapes, we removed the nest, and found these two grapes nestled in. I added the grape tomato for this post.

Which way is south?

Activity around the hummingbird feeder has really picked up. As they get ready to migrate, they are storing up fuel. I have as many as 12 at a time competing for food. Boy, are they aggressive with one another! On the other hand, I sit right beside their feeder, and they completely ignore me. Great entertainment for me.