Merry Christmas,  Josephinas

heron at sunrise in the lake

Sunrise. (As an aside, I just noticed I have ten heron photos in my Two Eye folder. Can't help myself.)

Little blue heron on log floating in lake

12 turtles were lined up on the log beside the heron right before I took the picture.

Found this bird's nest in the grape arbor. Never did identify the birds who made it. After the babies hatched, a big black bird swooped into the arbor and destroyed them. Just killed them and left them to rot. While we were picking grapes, we removed the nest, and found these two grapes nestled in. I added the grape tomato for this post.

Activity around the hummingbird feeder has really picked up. As they get ready to migrate, they are storing up fuel. I have as many as 12 at a time competing for food. Boy, are they aggressive with one another! On the other hand, I sit right beside their feeder, and they completely ignore me. Great entertainment for me.

egrets, little blue herons

I love seeing these guys in the standing water in the fields.

This mourning dove moved into the planter high above the front door of Nate, Britta, and Campbell's house in Golden, Colorado to lay her clutch of two eggs. Guest photographer, Louis Copt.

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