More birds

Egrets and goose in a flooded field
This is NOT a wetland, but a flooded field in the flood plain below our place.

Heron nests

I know this photo doesn't look like much, but see those four blobs in the tree? Herons and their nests! A couple of miles away from us there's a rookery. I counted 6 nests in two trees, and I know there are more. They like the sycamores. I wonder if it's because of the structure of the branches. Those nests are big!

Pan Fry $1.29

When I walked into Orschlen Farm store this afternoon, the sound of baby chickens filled the air. I immediately forgot what I had come for and followed the sound to the incubators in the back of the store. The labels under the baby chickens got my attention all right. The camera focused on the bars and blurred the chickens. Louie wants chickens, but I insist that he build a fortress home first. We have so many predators not to mention us humans.