It's February, and I'm walking around with mismatched gloves.


Louie snapped this shot at the Jewish Museum designed by David Libeskind. A zinc-plated fortress with dark voids for contemplation in the interior made me feel a little sick. That was intentional in Libeskind's design. Very powerful and unsettling. This is in the Garden of Exiles a close-packed forest of pillars open to the sky where no surface is horizontal or vertical--this creates a sense of the exile's disoriented view of the world. It works! Russian olive trees grow out of the tops of the 30-foot pillars. Those leaves are from surrounding trees that have fallen on the cobblestone paths. What an eye that Louie has!

Giovanni and his Cordley second-grade class took a field trip to Pendleton's this morning. We spotted this monarch chrysalis and its beauty made us gasp audibly.

Found this bird's nest in the grape arbor. Never did identify the birds who made it. After the babies hatched, a big black bird swooped into the arbor and destroyed them. Just killed them and left them to rot. While we were picking grapes, we removed the nest, and found these two grapes nestled in. I added the grape tomato for this post.

I spotted this butterfly as it left its cocoon on the front porch step. I had been watching that cocoon for a week or more, so I am thrilled to have seen its metamorphosis. It was drying its wings on the concrete. I went back inside to get a fresh cup of coffee, and when I came back it was gone.

Groceries artfully stacked at checkout

I love how the family behind me at the checkout arranged their purchases.

I've been a mulching maniac this week. I almost mulched this guy. I think it's a kind of tree frog, but I was unable to identify it on the net. Anyone know what kind it is? Great disguise.

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