Pat and Buck are moving from Cave Creek, Arizona to Burlington, Kansas. Buck is a runner, so Pat is introducing him to the vast prairie slowly. She will keep him on a leash to mark his territory and gradually let him loose.

Dog in tall grass

Sadie thinks the tall grass is a gold mine of prey.

dog and man lying on the floor.

We had company this week.

two dogs lying in the sun

It's a nice day for lying in the sun. Doesn't Buster look as though he's playing air piano?

One dog jumping for a tennis ball, the other running behind

Note the tennis ball at the top of the photo.

Man with tennis ball in hand, alert dog in front of him, other dog behind

It's a good thing Bunny Day doesn't have a dog, because otherwise this would be a dog blog.

Dog in pond

Sadie's daily swim

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