Merry Christmas,  Josephinas

8 planting carts stacked one on top of another

Kinze Manufacturing, Marengo, Iowa, sells at least 8 sizes of planting carts.

man and two dogs walking across a field

Walking the dogs

two misshapen pears on table

The first pears (ever) from our tree.

crate of squash and melon

Just Food is the local warehouse where you can take food for distribution to people who need it. They now have refrigerated storage so they can take vegetables. Got extra produce? Take it to Just Food (11th & Haskell in Lawrence, KS). If you don't live in Lawrence, find the place in your town that will give it away. One more thing: Just Food loves to get those food donations, but donations of money are even better. They are able to purchase food in bulk very inexpensively. $1 donated is equal to one meal. So give food AND money!

All of our relatives in France, Wales, and Switzerland give names to their houses. In imitation of this fine European tradition, we decided to name our house. When we built our house, we installed a wood-fired pizza oven. Its name is piccolo, so our house is Casa Piccolo. From the seeds, skins and stems of our neighbor, Larry's deChaunac grapes, Louie made grappa. When in Italy add a shot of grappa to your morning coffee, and you have cafe corretto.

round hay bales in a field

I love these round hay bales.

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