Getting ready for the art opening

Installing Jim Brothers' Indian and Buffalo sculpture at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum. It is made from old Volkswagen metal. I'll post the finished installation Friday when the show opens.

Spring Plowing

This painting by Louis is one of my favorites. He gave me permission to post it here. Ted Kooser's poem fits it nicely even though it is not warm enough for night steam yet. West of Omaha the freshly plowed fields steam in the night like lakes. The smell of the earth floods over the roads. The field mice are moving their nests to the higher ground of fence rows, the old among them crying out to the owls to take them all. The paths in the grass are loud with the squeak of their carts. They keep their lanterns covered.

An Artist’s Raw Material

Today, I was energized at Chris Edmonds' fabric art studio. Her system for displaying threads caught my eye. She threads her interests into wall hanging pieces that reflect a train of thoughtfulness toward Nature. Chris exudes a wonderfully generous, creative spirit. The ground hog saw his shadow today, so we are in for it. Looks like I'll have time to . . . .

J and S Coffee Shop

O.K., so I'll do my best to step up, Mollyavalon. I will miss your posts, but I understand the blue-blah feeling from this weather. Just call me Sister No Blues. Pressure's on now. I stopped here for a coffee this afternoon with a friend for my birthday drink. There must be a math error somewhere in this universe. I can't be 60. I will ignore it, and power on. The palm tree reminded me of warmer days, and the smell of hot coffee and chocolate tasted even better.

Star Power

I haven't seen icicles like this for a long time. They were beautiful to look at, but I wouldn't want to get hit in the head by one. This was taken at Jackie and Gregg's on Massachusetts Street yesterday. That star acted as a prism and cast rainbows throughout the kitchen.

Downhill Skiing???

Future Man, by our young sculptor friend, Andrew Hadl, looks as if he is skiing. In Kansas? The winter landscape is still with us. The temperature will drop to 0 degrees tonight, and we will be in the sauna for the last time in 2009. Cedar Stars will be awarded to those who exhibit extreme valor in the sauna beyond all common sense.