funny stuff

dog and man lying on the floor.

We had company this week.

Red porta-potty with "Honey-Do's" sign on front, and hand-lettered sign "Women's restroom"

At the apple farm. The men get one of their own.

plate with wall of china and text: University of Science and Technology Beijing 1952

I am determined never to buy paper plates again. I went to the Salvation Army and bought every plastic plate they had, 31 in all. This was the most expensive, at $2.99. Worth every penny! The legend reads "University of Science and Technology Beijing 1952". I might not use it for cookouts. The little ribbon on the back indicates that it is suitable for hanging on the wall.

Yesterday afternoon, I was shocked as another rock similar in size to this one went speeding down our road on a front loader. The two rocks were dug up by the county road crew as they worked on the road about 3 years ago. Many neighbors lusted after these rocks, but no one had the equipment to move them. Ownership of the rocks was in question because they were on the right of way. They are adjacent to our neighbor to the north's property, and his daughter claimed they were hers. After three years, the rocks were still there, so another neighbor who had coveted the rocks mentioned it to a friend who had acquired a front loader, and he took it upon himself to liberate one of the rocks and deliver it to her. It wasn't long before the neighbor who claimed the rock discovered it was gone. An investigation was launched. The location of the rock was revealed. Angry shouts. This is a long story. The rock is to be returned to its former place. This sign appeared by the remaining rock this morning. The front loader has a hydraulic leak, so the rock still sits where it was delivered yesterday. More neighborhood drama to follow.

almost identical milk and half and half cartons side by side.

Edzo thought his cereal was particularly good after I bought half & half instead of milk.

rubber boot upside down on a post beside the railroad tracks

This boot is in remarkably good condition for having been out in the weather for five or so years. Maybe someone replaces it from time to time.

Two women (one in sunglasses) sticking their faces through a fake American Gothic painting

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