Bowl of vegetables with tennis ball

We're still getting interesting things out of the garden.

long table covered with sweet potatoes

This is what 130 pounds of sweet potatoes looks like. They have to cure, and then they'll go in the basement.

tomato leaves and fruit close up

We planted our tomatoes too close together this year. Here we have Caspian pink, Amish paste, and cherry tomatoes all balled up together. (I'm hoping for some of these to pink up before frost.)

raspberry canes, sweetpotato vines, cherry tomatoes, melon vine

This is the raspberry patch. The canes are hard to see due to the sweet potato vines growing up from the other side of the fence, the volunteer cherry tomatoes, and the volunteer cantelope.

scarlet runner beans in the pod

I didn't realize when I planted scarlet runner beans that they aren't really good to eat. They're pretty, though. I might plant them again next year just for the splash of color.

two misshapen pears on table

The first pears (ever) from our tree.

tomato hornworm

Holy cow! This guy, and the two others I found, startled the daylights out of me. I've never seen such a huge worm - maybe 3 inches long and 3/4 inch thick. I threw them out in the native prairie. I'd been wondering who was taking bites out of the cherry tomatoes.

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