Cousin Phillip made this wheel from a piece of an Osage Orange tree from Grandma Copt's farm in Osage City, Kansas. The sun light steaming through the front window today drew my eye right here. That must have been a humongous tree! We burn this kind of wood, known as hedge, in the sauna stove. It is a brilliant yellow when split. This warm color reflects the warmth of the sun, and the wood burns hot and slow. Also, this is the tree that produces hedge apples. I use them as bug repellent in my basement. I have only seen squirrels eat them and only occasionally. Otherwise those hedge apples are sometimes used as bowling balls when sister Lois and children come to visit, and once I tried cutting them into discs and drying them in the oven for holiday decor. That didn't work very well for me. Oh, and this wood makes excellent fence posts.

casserole dish, green wall behind, dish of red and green tomatoes.

Paul and Gail's countertop

We watched this front move in fast last night. Low humidity with 75 cool degrees this morning. Great chance to work outside without sweltering. No rain though.

It's 9:41 p.m. , and I can still see daylight. On this, the first day of summer, the air is thick as molasses.

The variety and beauty of these flowers have captured many artists throughout time, and I see why.

The black iris is just so elegant and sensual.

Experimenting with different backgrounds. Happy accidents and surprises.

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