Goodbye April

Sun set on the last day of April.

Spring Plowing

This painting by Louis is one of my favorites. He gave me permission to post it here. Ted Kooser's poem fits it nicely even though it is not warm enough for night steam yet. West of Omaha the freshly plowed fields steam in the night like lakes. The smell of the earth floods over the roads. The field mice are moving their nests to the higher ground of fence rows, the old among them crying out to the owls to take them all. The paths in the grass are loud with the squeak of their carts. They keep their lanterns covered.

My Mistake

Some of the world's most useful inventions were the result of mistakes. Scotch tape, ice cream cones, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips to mention a few. Mollyavalon, yours is a delicious mix of light and color. It inspired me to post this one that I almost deleted. Now if only we could think of a use for these mistakes.