Closed for the Winter


Bird's-eye view

Plowed fields during drought.

I almost missed these frosty guys as I rounded the corner on 850 Road. The three boys that built these guys had a great fort, too. It didn't survive their snow battle, but what fun they were having.

The ceiling at S. Maria della Vittoria in Rome is so vast that I couldn't get the entire image in my lens. I went here to see Bernini's, Ecstasy of St. Teresa. The stucco angles frame the frescoed Virgin Mary Triumphing over Heresy and the Fall of the Rebel Angles. Louie and I went into to the duomo Sunday morning and mass was in progress. We sat in the back and waited until it was over because the Bernini was inside the nave to the left and we couldn't see it unless we walked past the priest giving communion. I'm not a religious person, but surrounded by all these angels and this amazing art was a religious experience for me. I could have sat there all day looking at the interior of this duomo and listening to that priest lead the service in Italian with the congregation in call and response and an angelic choir behind us accompanied by a pipe organ. Blissful!

I have just returned from an intensive tour of Europe. I will be posting some images from this trip here. Each day acceptance yielded new experiences, new gifts, unexpected connections. I could not have planned my reaction. I just had to let it happen. At the Gaia Fountain in Siena in the Campo I found these 21st-century pigeons enjoying the sculpted forms constructed in the 14th century. My sense of time boggles my mind.

human-size wooden soldier nutcracker

Many questions spring to mind. Why is it fake wood? Where do you put it during the Christmas season? Where do you store it the rest of the year? What is it for? Whose idea was it? What do the people in the Chinese factory think when they're filling the plastic molds to make these?

food for sale in the bedding section of Target

I learned the term 'category error' from my ex-sister-in-law. It refers to things that are in the wrong place, like shoes on the kitchen counter. What is this food doing in the bedding section of Target?

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