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Lady Smith Black Mambazo's solid two-hour singing, dancing and laughing still warms the cockles of my heart. The performance halls in the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City combine sophisticated aesthetics, acoustics and technology with the intimacy of a smaller space and the comforts of home. A spectacular place to see a show!



I almost missed these frosty guys as I rounded the corner on 850 Road. The three boys that built these guys had a great fort, too. It didn't survive their snow battle, but what fun they were having.

Just one of the many ways to see Berlin. Segue tours are most popular. Private guided tours of 8 to 10 persons for 90 minutes -- only 43 EU -- that's about 59 dollars! I have never seen so many different modes of transportation than in Berlin. It is 7x larger than Paris and so spread out that these clever Berliners take advantage of transportation alternatives. Very green. The tethered balloon is the world's highest and you can get a night ride.

Louie's great grandmother Batille brought this trunk from France all the way to Reading, Kansas in the late 19th century. It is empty, but I am cleaning it up and will stash some family heirlooms in it for my son. I am disciplining myself to gathering just one trunk full of stuff.

Activity around the hummingbird feeder has really picked up. As they get ready to migrate, they are storing up fuel. I have as many as 12 at a time competing for food. Boy, are they aggressive with one another! On the other hand, I sit right beside their feeder, and they completely ignore me. Great entertainment for me.

Josh, the Pella window replacement guy, found this in one of the window sills upstairs. Does anyone have any idea who made this? Looks like a finely rolled cigar. It was one long piece when Josh found it.

I spotted this butterfly as it left its cocoon on the front porch step. I had been watching that cocoon for a week or more, so I am thrilled to have seen its metamorphosis. It was drying its wings on the concrete. I went back inside to get a fresh cup of coffee, and when I came back it was gone.

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